Period Selector: Select a Single Month or Year

Period Selector is a visual element to select a single month or year in your design. It simplifies selecting a predefined month or year with a single click.

The plugin is a simple library for selecting a single year or month among predefined ranges. It’s useful to filter a set of items based on the time. You can add any number of options to this Facebook-like component to your page as you need.

Key features of this plugin include:

  • Multiple plugins in a single page
  • Separated year and month click events
  • Auto arrange years and months based on input dates
  • Smooth expand and collapse

Period Selector is easy to install and use. Just download and add the markup to the <head> of your website, define the plugin container and start the engine. (The code is fairly simple and easy to understand during the installation process.)

There are multiple options and parameters for a custom experience with this plugin including year, month and year/month combinations. You can set these parameters to work in the way the best suits your website design.