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Rome: Custom Date and Time Picker

Rome is a dependency free, opt-in UI for a customizable date and time picker.

The plugin comes with a text input field that includes a drop down calendar and clock menu. (Or users can simply type in the date and time on their own.)

There are plenty of viable applications for this super little plugin. And Rome synchronizes in real-time with inputs, never steals focus and the CSS is entirely customizable. You can select the starting point for the week, date format, time format, display one or multiple months, set and disable use of the plugin on your site, set a time range for dates, black out invalid dates and more. Plus the plugin includes a ton of shortcuts to make workflow a breeze.

The plugin is also designed to work inline as well with the addition of a non-input element. The plugin is easy to install and setup using NPM or Bower. And if you are not sure where to start with customization, the default options are a good place to start. They can be changed at any time as you get more comfortable with using the tool.