Ouibounce: Boost Conversion Rates

Ever want to give users one last chance to stick with your website? Ouibounce displays a module before a user exits to help boost conversion rates.

This library helps you increase landing page conversion rates. The developer says you can expect a lift of 7 percent to 15 percent, depending on your audience, traffic type (paid or unpaid) and copy. It is important to note that this tool works best when you have engaging content.

Examples of elements to include in the Ouibounce module include free e-books, webinar invitations, exclusive access to more content, an educational course or tutorial or other valuable content the user may not know about.

Installation is pretty easy using Bower or NPM and usage is simple. Where you really get to work with this tool is in the type of content you create for it. Ouibouce is designed to put with your content plan for a more robust website experience for users.

It comes with a few options as well such as sensitivity, aggressive mode, timer, delay, callback, cookie expiration, cookie domain, cookie name, sitewide cookies and chaining options.

Ouibounce will work with other libraries; see the documentation for how to make this work most effectively.