Generic Data Binder: jQuery Framework

Generic Data Binder (GDB) for jQuery is a framework agnostic and extremely easy to use as a two-way data binder. GDB binds views and models in real time with live two-way binding and no hefty framework is necessary.

Here’s how and why GDB can work for you:

  • Works on all element types including contenteditable elements.
  • Works with very complex models, even circular structures.
  • Is template engine agnostic. Use your favorite client side template engine.
  • Is framework agnostic. Use a framework? Don’t use a framework? Doesn’t matter. GDB will seamlessly integrate either way.
  • Can be updated in real time. Not just onkeyup, but as you type. It works with context menu options such as cut, paste and delete.
  • Just 3.77KB when gzipped and minified.
  • Updates to elements, immediately update the model.
  • Updates to the model, immediately update the bound and watching elements.

The documentation is packed with options for you to try and examples of how to use this tool. If you are on the fence about this tool, viewing the examples will provide plenty of reason to try it out. It really is a useful element.