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Pegasus: Load Data jQuery Plugin

Pegasus is the plugin that will allow you to do two things at once; now you can load data while still loading other scripts. Using this technique, you can reduce the time to display data in single page apps without touching the server.

This plugin is a great option for static sites or when you can’t do server-side data bootstrapping or rendering.

Here’s how it is different. Without Pegasus data is loaded only after the library is loaded. (This is a pretty inefficient process.) With Pegasus embedded, data loads parallel to the library. With Pegasus running as a script, data is loaded as soon as the script is loaded. Either of the second pair of options saves a lot of time because of the parallel loads.

This plugin works with all major browsers and IE8+ and the plugin works with any Javascript library.

What’s even better? Pegasus is a tiny plugin, coming in at only 0.2 kB min/gzip, you won’t have any worries about it weighing down your website.

If you are still not convinced, check out the live demo to find out if Pegasus is the right plugin for and existing or your next website project.