Bootgrid: Grid Plugin Designed for Bootstrap

Bootgrid is a sleek and intuitive grid plugin designed for Bootstrap. This powerful table extender plugin comes with plenty of features to make building tables less of a headache.

Here are some of the features that make Bootgrid a great tool for table workflows — it’s responsively designed, comes with accessibility support, includes server-side data loading and dynamic manipulation, has easy navigation, has plenty of configuration options, includes a data API, has client-side data loading, comes with column converters and formats, includes single and multiple row selection support and localization tools.

The table features work for different types of data including text, number or a combination of text and numbers. Each column and row aligns neatly for a table that can be designed to match the aesthetic of your website.

When it comes to installation and use, Bootgrid can be implemented as a server-side tool or a client-side tool. There are plenty of settings and configuration options available in the plugin documentation.

The plugin is lightweight — coming in at only 4.7kb, is based on HTML5 and includes cross-browser support. Bootgrid will work on IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.