Slidr: Lightweight Javascript Library

Slidr is a simple, lightweight javascript library for adding slide transitions to your page, and no dependencies are required.

The tool works on any inline, inline-block or block elements. Slidrs can contain any HTML content, with no restrictions. It’s been tested and works on Chrome 26+, Firefox 20+, Safari 5.1.7+, Opera 16+ and Internet Explorer 10+.

Slidr controls work in a number of ways — cube, linear, fade, none, controls and breadcrumbs. You can add as many Slidrs as your want to any design and even stack them for even more dynamic effects.

This tool works with mouse, keyboard and touch navigation for ease of use across multiple device types.

When it comes to the code, there are a lot of options for making Slidr your own. You’ll want to digest the documentation to best configure this tool for your design and your users. The level of customization available is pretty expansive, which gives you a lot of control over the design.