FSVS: Full-Screen Vertical Slider

FSVS is a simple full-screen vertical slider that uses CSS3 transitions followed up by a jQuery fallback.

The vertical slider is becoming a trendy option for one-page website design. This plugin allows you to create multiple “pages” on the scroll with a seamless flow to them.

The slider works in multiple environments, including with mouse wheel scrolling, click and drag, with arrow keys and by using touch gestures.

You can create as many scrolls as you like with FSVS. The code is simple and does not interfere with your website design or framework. The plugin simply adds to the overall aesthetic with neat vertical transitions.

This plugin is designed for page transitions and is not a substitute for a video or image slider. The code is lightweight and can be installed with just a few lines of HTML.

FSVS is designed for full-screen websites and does not currently have a mobile component (although the developer is open to working with someone to create a workable mobile or responsive vertical slider option).