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Trumbowyg: Lightweight WYSIWYG Editor

Trumbowyg is a lightweight WYSIWYG editor to make work on your website as straightforward as it gets.

This plugin is the lightest tool of its kind at only 16kb for super-fast page loading. (Most other similar editors are 45kb or larger.) The weight is streamlined by stripping out unnecessary features for a simple, clean editor.

But there is still plenty you can do with Trumbowyg. It includes customizable options and design components and the default settings are even compatible with Retina displays.

The editor and generated code are optimized for HTML5 and are compatible with all current browsers. It also includes localization support.

In addition to the included features, this plugin can be adapted for your needs as well. Create or suggest a plugin to add to the Github repository for this tool. There are a handful already available. You can also create your own package for Trumbowyg or select from one of the ready to use package options already available for frameworks including RubyGem, OctoberCMS plugin, 99ko plugin, Django FS Trumbowyg, REST in Place, Yii 2 Widget and trumbowyg-ng.