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Rate Yo!: jQuery Star Rating Plugin

This tiny and flexible jQuery star rating plugin is just what you need to add super star ratings to your website. What makes it even better is that no images are required to make Rate Yo! work like a charm.

The plugin includes five stars from your created <div/> and some styles of your choice. Nifty hover actions make it easy for users to click to rate by filling stars with a color.

Rate Yo! is packed with options so you can make this rating plugin your own. You can change the width and size of stars, number of stars used, colors, fill options, spacing and animated options. (This is a robust set of options that make it easy to customize this plugin to your website’s style and color scheme.)

One of the coolest features of this plugin is the low to high rating, which allows you to change the color of stars from one color to the next based on value.

And because the plugin does not sure actual images, the lightweight code is lightning-fast and you’ll never have to worry about render issues. It’s a great solution for anyone looking for a rating tool.