PatternLock: Android-like Pattern

PatternLock simulates an Android-like pattern lock mechanism for your hybrid app or website.

The plugin is lightweight and easy to configure and style so you can have a different type of pattern lock according to your needs. You can also configure this plugin with methods to use it securely.

PatternLock is pretty easy to use. Just include the jQuery and CSS to your page and follow the simple initialization. Then you can set the pattern for your validation (examples are included in the documentation).

There are a few options included in the plugin to help you make the most of the tool including a variety of matrix examples for the lock mechanism, margin pattern settings, radius pattern settings, whether the tracing pattern is visible or not during the drawing process, whether the tracing pattern is visible or not during the unlock process and whether the pattern can be set dynamically.

The plugin also includes directional classes which can be used to stylistic purposes or to provide hints for user success. These classes include general direction, north, south, east weest, southeast, southwest, northeast and northwest.