Formplate: Style Forms Uniformly Across all Devices

This small plugin to style forms uniformly across all devices is easy to use and customize.

Formplate is available as a downloadable zip file, on Github and is also included automatically with Webplate downloads.

The plugin is best installed using Bowser and integrating Formplate requires jQuery and Modernizr, as well as dropping a copy of the css/icon-font-formplate folder into the CSS folder where the plugin will reside. Then to activate, you need to wrap form elements in a containing element with the class formplate and call the formplate plugin.

Then you are ready to use. The final step is to customize the plugin with a color scheme that matches your site aesthetic. You can also choose the desired color of your form hover and active states by adding a data attribute to the body tag. The color selections are grey, black, white, aqua, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow, asbestos, asphalt, bondi-blue, grey-blue and silver.