flexselect: Flex-matching Incremental-finding Controls

Flexselect is a jQuery plugin that turns selection boxes into flex-matching incremental-finding controls. Think of it as Quicksilver squished into a selection box.

The difference is a purely aesthetic one — and something that is becoming increasingly popular on more websites. The dropdown selection has a cleaner and more uniform look with this plugin. You can use the mouse to select from the dropdown menu (as you would expect) or click in the Flexselect box and start typing to see options that match those letters appear.

It’s a usability tool that website visitors will love.

To get started, you’ll need to load the default styles, jQuery, the LiquidMetal scoring algorithm and the plugin. Attach the correlating boxes and turn on elements. Then you can enable any custom options that you fancy and start using the plugin. It’s that simple!

With Flexselect installed, you’ll have the exact same functionality made popular by applications like Quicksilver, LaunchBar and Launchy. Nothing makes filling out this type of menu selection as easy as a flexible typing tool.