TextTailor: Responsive Text jQuery Plugin

You’ll never have to worry about a parent element lacking the right text fill again with TextTailor. This jQuery plugin is designed to make text fill the height of a parent element or create ellipses when it does not fit.

The plugin is a simple way to make sure text, especially for elements that change frequently such as blog post previews, is used in the best way possible. The plug supports text fill for different post types including post not justified, post with images and fixed font justified.

TextTailor also comes with a variety of other options that you can adjust and customize. You can set a minimum and maximum font size, determine the amount of wrapping between elements, set the line height, determine resizing on different windows, fit to the parent container element, use ellipsis when needed, center or justify text within the frame.

The only requirement for using this responsive text tool is that the parent element needs to have a set height specification; it can be fixed or percentage-based.