Paper Collapse: Simple CSS3 Paper Cards Accordion

Paper Collapse is a simple CSS3 paper cards accordion, inspired by Google Material Design.

The simple animation features a trendy design that is fashionable in itself for combining a in-the-moment aesthetic or material design and a card-style interface with animation.

The plugin is pretty simple to use. Just include the CSS in your header tag and then a little more code wherever you want Paper Collapse to appear. (It is important to note that this plugin is opt-in, so you have to initialize it yourself before it is live on your website.)

Paper Collapse comes with multiple options such as animation duration, speed of the animation in the progression and a variety of specific function triggers.

The plugin comes with Font Awesome icons for the card design, but you can modify the elements with your own icons for an even more custom look and feel.

Use Paper Collapse with an Android style interface or anywhere you want to experiment with material design concepts.