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ScrollAppear: Makes Content Appear on Scroll

ScrollAppear is a powerful and agile tool that makes content appear on scroll (or on other event triggers). It is a jQuery-based plugin.

ScrollAppear expands basic scroll function in a variety of ways to include the following:

  • History of what has been shown as result of the plugin
  • Ability to revert to a part of or all of what has been shown
  • Ability to directly show elements without the user having to trigger a monitored event
  • Ability to prevent mass scroll/appear of content by setting a timeout between events (in a similar fashion to hoverIntent)
  • Set a pixel offset for your trigger element
  • Set the number of event triggers to be performed before the event is unbound

This plugin is JSLint and JSHint compliant and comes with extensive documentation for ease of use.

ScrollAppear also includes a quite extensive parameter list with AddClass, Callback, DelayEffect, EffectDuration, ElementEffect, ElementsToShow, NumberofSccrolls, GatherAfterTrigger, PixelOffset, Timeout, TriggerIntent and TriggerType.