sdFilterMe: Order and filter <ul> list

This jQuery plugin allows you to display a list as a set of boxes that can be ordered and filtered as desired.


– filtering and sorting options available
– supports unlimited number of elements
– animation and CSS customizable
– boxes are href-able


Illustration by akselkreis

  • Vanilla

List.js: Library for Search, Sort and Filters

List.js is the perfect library for adding search, sort, filters and flexibility to tables, lists and various HTML elements. It is built to be invisible and work on existing HTML.

Features of List.js include that it is simple and invisible, easy to apply to pretty much any HTML, has no dependencies, is fast and super lightweight and can handle thousands of items. It includes a simple template system that adds the possibility of editing, adding or removing items.

It works with modern browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 6+.

Examples of usage include partnering List.js with an existing list, with an existing list plus adds, a new list, tables, fuzzy search and pagination.

The tool includes extensive documentation to help you install and use this tool with ease. List and item APIs are also available.


jQuery Sortable

A flexible, opinionated sorting plugin for jQuery



Categorize, sort, and filter a responsive grid of items.

  • Spotlight


An advanced tag filtering plugin, inspired by Chosen multiple select feature and Orman Clark’s Vertical Navigation Menu.



Makes your plain HTML lists super flexible, searchable, sortable and filterable!


DataTable Column Filter

DataTables ColumnFilter plugin add filtering boxes into the table footer.



A jQuery portfolio plugin that’s interactive and filterable.