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TitleNotifier: Create Notifications in the Webpage Title

TitleNotifier is a lightweight (less than 3kb), dependency-free Javascript library to dynamically show the number of unread notifications in your webpage title.

It’s a super-cool little tool that adds that special something to your website framework. You can actually see the page title change as notifications are added or read.

This plugin is fairly simple so it does not come with a lot of options, but you can set a maximum number of notifications to display. (While you can have more than 100, the maximum number that will show in the title bar is 99+, much like many app icon notifications.)

It only takes one line of code to add the plugin to your website and a couple of modifications to set the number of notifications, add notifications, subtract notifications, reset notifications or call the current number of active notifications.

You have to see this plugin in action to get a good feel for how useful it might be for your website design. It has a large number of practical applications for many different site types.