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Vide: Create Video Backgrounds with jQuery

Vide makes video backgrounds as easy as saying “jQuery.”

The plugin works with all modern desktop browsers, including Internet Explorer 9+. There is limited functionality for iOS and Android devices. Video works with iOS only in the native player; Android features are a little more unpredictable. Fullscreen poster mode is the default for each of these environments.

To use Vide just install using Bower and include the plugin. Include a video file using a common format such as “.webm” or “mp4” and create a still (poster) image file as a .jpg, .png or .gif.

Configure the correct path and options and you’re ready to go. The Vide plugin will resize automatically based on window size, although you have to option to disable this function.

Vide has a few other code specifications as well that are important to pay attention to during setup. You can find all the details and instructions in the plugin documentation.