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EmojiOne: The complete open source emoji set.

The web’s first and only complete open source emoji set. It is 100% free and super easy to integrate.

THe goal is to standardize emoji on the web through the use of common :shortnames:.

When storing user inputted text in your database, say from a guestbook or through a CMS admin, you should always make sure you are storing text containing only :shortnames: and not Unicode emoji characters or emoji images. Then, when you are displaying that content to the user, you can convert it server-side with the PHP toolkit provided, or client-side using the Javascript toolkit which is also provided. Demos of this process using Javascript, jQuery, and PHP are included in the repo.


jsPDF: PDF Generator

Do users need to create PDFs on your website? jsPDF is a client-side solution for generating PDFs with ease. (Having PDFs available on your website makes downloads and printing that much easier for users.) The PDF tool is perfect for websites that allow users to download event tickets or information, reports, certificates, maps and more.

Plus, this plugin is easy to use. Simply include the jsPDF library in the head tag, generate a PDF using the built-in functions, then connect a button to trigger the download.

jsPDF works with pretty much everything, including IE 6+, Firefox 3+, Chrome, Safari 3+ and Opera. This plug does, though, need to be running though a web server.

The plugin comes ready to go with examples of how to turn all of the following into great looking PDFs — images, font faces, HTML rendering, circles, font sizes, landscape view, lines, rectangles, string splitting, text colors, triangles and more. Each example renders perfectly so you won’t have to worry about how your documents will look when users make the conversions.

And if you run into any issues with jsPDF, the developers over at Parallax are more than willing to walk you through it. Just send them a tweet to start a conversation.


Ouibounce: Boost Conversion Rates

Ever want to give users one last chance to stick with your website? Ouibounce displays a module before a user exits to help boost conversion rates.

This library helps you increase landing page conversion rates. The developer says you can expect a lift of 7 percent to 15 percent, depending on your audience, traffic type (paid or unpaid) and copy. It is important to note that this tool works best when you have engaging content.

Examples of elements to include in the Ouibounce module include free e-books, webinar invitations, exclusive access to more content, an educational course or tutorial or other valuable content the user may not know about.

Installation is pretty easy using Bower or NPM and usage is simple. Where you really get to work with this tool is in the type of content you create for it. Ouibouce is designed to put with your content plan for a more robust website experience for users.

It comes with a few options as well such as sensitivity, aggressive mode, timer, delay, callback, cookie expiration, cookie domain, cookie name, sitewide cookies and chaining options.

Ouibounce will work with other libraries; see the documentation for how to make this work most effectively.

  • Vanilla


A standalone class manipulation API for HTML5 and legacy DOM.


Scroll Depth

Google Analytics plugin that tracks how far users are scrolling.



Makes building interactive, multi-state prototypes for websites and apps easy.



Display commit messages for a specific Github repository.


Goal Progress

Animated progress bar to show how close you are to reaching your goal.


Feedback Me

Easily add a UI widget with a feedback form which slides from the side of the screen.



Monochromatic, scanlined interface that allows for simple command-line style input.



Lets you select an area of graphic document and get coordinates of the selection.



Hyped displays your latest loved songs from The Hype Machine.



Display a user’s recently scrobbled tracks on