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fblogin: Log in with Facebook with a Single Call

Allowing users to login to your website with Facebook is one of the most sought-after options for developers. This action is familiar to users and creates a simplified login process.

The fblogin plugin does just that with a simple bit of jQuery. (And if you don’t want to use jQuery, this plugin also comes in an AngularJS version.)

The plugin allows for different levels of permissions with Facebook authentication: minimal login (no permissions), login requesting Facebook permission, login with only requested fields and login using deffereds instead of callbacks.

This plugin is activated by a user click so it does require some action to initiate the call on your website. You will also need a valid Facebook App ID and the Facebook JS SKD loaded to use the plugin. (Plugin documentation clearly explains these steps if you need them.)

This plugin is designed for more experienced site owners who have no trouble implementing third-party options or code requirements.


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