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Flight Indicators: Display High-Quality Flight Indicator

The Flight Indicators plugin allows you to display high-quality flight indicators using HTML, CSS3, jQuery and SVG images. The methods make customization and real time implementation easy. And since all the images are vector SVG, you can resize everything without having to worry about any loss of image quality.

The plugin supports indicators for altitude (artificial horizon), heading, vertical speed, air speed and altimeter. The use for this plugin can vary but is a great tool for anyone with travel, flight or airport-based websites.

There are a couple of methods you can use to update the indicators and use a real-time interface. (You can see this process step-by-step in the plugin documentation.) The code is fairly simple and easy to understand if you want to make adjustments.

In addition to being useful, this plugin has a sleek interface design. Each of the indicators looks nice, features clean lines and can be implemented in almost any project. The included animation in the SVG files is also pretty seamless and really helps you to visualize changes to the included indicators. (You can also adjust some of the animation settings based on the graphic size you use in your applications for this tool.)