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Shine: A library for Pretty Shadows

Creating the perfect shadow to mimic just the right bit of light can be tricky. Shine takes some of the trickiness out of it for you. This little library is designed just for making pretty shadows.

With tools to manipulate the light position and shadow shape, this plugin is a tool that keeps you from having to guess about the best placement for a shadow on an object or text.

Plus, it’s relatively easy to use. Just install using Bower and configure to your liking. You can change many of the options including what element you apply the shadow to in the website design, optional configurations, optional class prefixes and optional property names for which to apply shadows. You can draw and redraw shadows as needed to get them just as you like.

There are other variables for you to think about as well when it comes to the look of shadows using Shine — the number of steps drawn in each shadow, opacity of shadows and exponents applied to that opacity, offsets of shadows, strength of shadow blur and corresponding exponent and the shadow color.