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jQlouds: Create Clouds on the Fly

Have you ever just needed a cloud or two in your design project? jQlouds allows you to clouds on the fly with a simple plugin.

You can generate multiple clouds on the same page, each element will be filled with random static clouds. Note that the selected element will be relatively positioned in order to accommodate absolutely positioned clouds.

Then you can customize the sky, animation, number of clouds, cloud size and more.

  • Unlike the real sky, here we know exactly how much it is height: minimum height is given automatically based on the height of the biggest cloud. You can give a different height to the element through the plugin itself.
  • Animation options include “wind” settings do that clouds have a natural look to them.
  • The number of clouds is assigned randomly within minimum and maximum parameters.
  • The default image provided (served as base64 image so you won’t need to upload anything but the plugin) is 227 by 96 pixels. Clouds are randomly sized less or equal to that size, unless you specify something different.

jQloudsis a fun little plugin that can help you add a touch of whimsy to any website design (while you have your head in the clouds).