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Animsition: jQuery Plugin for Animated Page Transitions

This simple and easy jQuery plugin for CSS animated page transitions give you tools for 58 different types of movement.

The robust animation plugin includes elements such as fades, rotations, flips, zoom in and out, overlays and more. And every animation comes with a preview mode so you can see how it works before you install the action in your website framework.

Animsition requires a browser that supports CSS3, which is how the animations are constructed. Supporting browsers include IE10+, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Download and installation are fairly easy. Link the required files, insert the HTML markup and call Animsition. That’s it. All of the code and options are available in the demo to make this plugin even easier to use.

Want an animation that’s not included in the Animsition plugin? You can create your own and submit it for inclusion. The plugin has nine contributors and the team welcomes future elements for this project.