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Tendina: Create Dropdown Side Menus using jQuery

Tendina allows you to rapidly build dropdown side menus using jQuery.

Here’s what the plugin can do for your website:

  • Provides an easy way to set up side menus in a matter of minutes
  • Supports infinite levels of nesting
  • Hides nested submenus and manages interactions
  • Handles dynamically added elements (nice when building a menu from JSON)
  • Supports multiple menu initializations on the same page
  • It’s lightweight – just 3kb minified

This plugin is designed just for menu interactions and does not come with styles. That way you can use the plugin and not have to worry that it will override design decisions that you have already made.

Options that you can control include animation, speed, hover action, menu creation, callbacks, and hide and show functions.

Plus, this plugin is easy to install. It takes just three steps:

  1. Include jQuery and Tendina in your page
  2. Set the menu markup
  3. Summon the plugin

Tendina works with most browsers including Internet Explorer 7+. You can find more in the extensive documentation available.