SilverTrack: jQuery Sliding Carousel

SilverTrack is a smart jQuery sliding carousel. It is often used as part of another set of plugins to increase functionality.

The slider functionality is nice that is works vertically or horizontally and has plenty of options that you can control. Adjust the number of items to display, class names for items, direction of navigation, type of animation, if a cover image will be used, duration of the animation and more.

You’ll likely want to pair SilverTrack with some of the built-in plugins for increased usability. these options include the navigator, bullet navigator, remote content, responsive hub converter, CSS3 animation and a circular navigator. You can also create your own custom plugin using the instructions in the included SilverTrack documentation.

While getting the most out of this plugin will take some coding on your part, it is worth it. The end result is a nice, sleek slider that works with ease and fits in a variety of site outlines. Having vertical and horizontal options is a big bonus as well, because it is a feature that is not often included in this type of tool.