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Revolution: Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin

Slider Revolution is an innovative, responsive jQuery slider plugin that displays content in the most beautiful way. Whether it’s a slider, carousel, hero scene or even an entire front page, you will be telling your stories in no time.

The slider is one of the most-used in the market because it works great and is fully responsive. It’s also optimized for Apple and Android devices. It also works with any type of content, including photos, video and social media streams.

Not sure how to use a slider? This package comes with 35 ready-to-use examples and is super flexible. Here are just a few of the features that come with this slider:

  • Hero, carousel and classic layouts
  • Unlimited sliders per page
  • Date-based publishing
  • Links and actions on slides
  • Parallax effects and customizations
  • Social media integration
  • Bulk upload capability
  • Custom animation creation
  • Unlimited number of layers available
  • Multiple navigation options
  • Touch enabled
  • Auto-hide and delay features
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Plenty of “fancy” skins
  • Ability to auto-play (or not)
  • And so much more

You can get Slider Revolution from the Envato Market for $14 and it includes future updates.

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jQuery Banner Rotator / Slideshow

This jQuery banner rotator plugin features multiple transitions. Thumbnails and buttons allow for easy navigation of your banners or ads. The banner rotator is also re-sizable and configurable through the plugin’s parameters.

Key features include:

  • Multiple transitions available that you can set by slide.
  • Ability to load an unlimited number of images, with customizable text, tooltips and links.
  • Show or hide components.
  • Automatically play on startup with a timer delay. (This can be set by slide.)
  • Banner, thumbnails, and buttons are all resizable.
  • The text description panel can be set at different location and size.
  • Embed links and images are inside the HTML text description box.
  • Control panel can be set at different location.
  • Configurable tooltips for each thumbnail.
  • Block and stripe sizes are configurable.

This tool is available for $11 from Envato Market.

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jQuery Slider Evolution: JavaScript Image Sliders

Slider Evolution is a JQuery slider plugin that lets you easily create powerful Javascript sliders with nice transition effects. Enhance your website by adding a unique and attractive slider.

This tool allows you to create an unlimited number of sliders with custom settings for each. You can then put them anywhere on your website. And if you are not sure where to start Slider Evolution comes with a few themes to help you get started.

The slider comes with transitions for fade, bars, square, slide, explode, swipe and slip. Each animation works seamlessly and beautifully.

This tool is $9 from the Envato Market and is quality checked by their team and comes with future updates.

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LayerSlider: Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin

LayerSlider is a premium multi-purpose slider for creating image galleries, content sliders, and mind-blowing slideshows. It comes in a variety of options for viewing including full-width, full-size or fixed-dimension layout options. (This is one of the most popular sliders in use on the web today, and is used on more than 150,000 websites of all kinds.)

It uses cutting-edge technology to provide the smoothest experience that’s possible, and it comes with more than 200 preset 2D and 3D slide transitions. It’s device friendly and supports responsive mode, multiple layouts, touch gestures on mobile devices, and uses techniques like lazy load for optimal performance. You can add any content, including images, text, custom HTML, YouTube and Vimeo videos or HTML5 self-hosted multimedia content.

And it’s SEO-friendly, allowing you to build semantic markup with custom attributes that search engines can index easily.

LayerSlider comes with 13 built-in skins, and it has tons of options to entirely customize the appearance and behavior of your sliders at the smallest detail.

LayerSlider is $11 and comes with Envato quality checks, future ipdates and six months of support from kreatura. (Extra support options are also available.)

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RoyalSlider: Touch jQuery Image Gallery

Royal Slider is an easy to use jQuery image gallery and content slider plugin with animated captions, responsive layout and touch support.

For the navigation you can use thumbnails, tabs or bullets. Use it as image slider, slideshow, HTML content slider, gallery, banner rotator, video gallery, carousel or even for project presentations. the tool was developed in using best practices in HTML5 and CSS3 transitions are used for all animations.

The tool is based on a modular design so you can build and use only the elements you need. This will help optimize speed and file size and it comes with more than 10 starter templates.

RoyalSlider is $14 and includes quality checks by the Envato marketplace, future updates and six months of support from Semenov. (You can add extra support as well.) This is a plugin you can trust. It’s already in use by plenty of websites, including and Ralph Lauren.

Royal Slider is focused on performance, accessibility, stability and providing best experience for user with any device. It is designed to work with all major browsers and versions, including touch navigation support for iOS (all versions), Android 2.3+, IE10, IE11, Blackberry and other OS and browsers that support touch or pointer events.

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Ether: Grid Slider jQuery Plugin

Ether Grid Slider is an extremely functional jQuery plugin designed for transforming any type of content into practical grids and/or sliders.

It works with almost any type of content including images, videos, testimonials, services, featured stories and blog feeds. To make it even easier to get started, there’s plenty of documentation that can take you through almost any configuration options.

Ether can also be used as a base for consistent powering of slides or grids across an entire operation.

This tool is $7 and available from Code Canyon.

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TouchCarousel: jQuery Content Scroller and Slider

TouchCarousel is mobile-friendly and lightweight jQuery content scroller with touch navigation for mobile and desktop. It can be used for creation of elements such as carousels, banner rotators and image galleries. It uses a physics-based scroll for a completely realistic look and feel.

Features of TouchCarousel include:

  • Touch navigation for supported devices
  • Paging and free-scroll mode
  • Physics-based scrolling
  • Fluid width of carousel for free-scroll mode
  • Fast, hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions
  • Four unique skins with included Photoshop files
  • SEO friendly because content is not hidden
  • Configurable items per scroll and snapping
  • Customizable UI — enable or disable arrows, bullets and scrollbar
  • Super easy to style — CSS file is commented and organized
  • Each item can include HTML content (except video) and can be any size
  • Smart autoplay pauses when you hover over and stops when action is done
  • It doesn’t block the default browser scroll on touch devices
  • It understands the difference between click and drag

While this plugin is responsive, it is only true for full-width, free-scroll mode. TouchCarousel is $11 and available from CodeCanyon. It comes with simple documentation, free support and upgrades.


FSVS: Full-Screen Vertical Slider

FSVS is a simple full-screen vertical slider that uses CSS3 transitions followed up by a jQuery fallback.

The vertical slider is becoming a trendy option for one-page website design. This plugin allows you to create multiple “pages” on the scroll with a seamless flow to them.

The slider works in multiple environments, including with mouse wheel scrolling, click and drag, with arrow keys and by using touch gestures.

You can create as many scrolls as you like with FSVS. The code is simple and does not interfere with your website design or framework. The plugin simply adds to the overall aesthetic with neat vertical transitions.

This plugin is designed for page transitions and is not a substitute for a video or image slider. The code is lightweight and can be installed with just a few lines of HTML.

FSVS is designed for full-screen websites and does not currently have a mobile component (although the developer is open to working with someone to create a workable mobile or responsive vertical slider option).


SilverTrack: jQuery Sliding Carousel

SilverTrack is a smart jQuery sliding carousel. It is often used as part of another set of plugins to increase functionality.

The slider functionality is nice that is works vertically or horizontally and has plenty of options that you can control. Adjust the number of items to display, class names for items, direction of navigation, type of animation, if a cover image will be used, duration of the animation and more.

You’ll likely want to pair SilverTrack with some of the built-in plugins for increased usability. these options include the navigator, bullet navigator, remote content, responsive hub converter, CSS3 animation and a circular navigator. You can also create your own custom plugin using the instructions in the included SilverTrack documentation.

While getting the most out of this plugin will take some coding on your part, it is worth it. The end result is a nice, sleek slider that works with ease and fits in a variety of site outlines. Having vertical and horizontal options is a big bonus as well, because it is a feature that is not often included in this type of tool.


Slidr: Lightweight Javascript Library

Slidr is a simple, lightweight javascript library for adding slide transitions to your page, and no dependencies are required.

The tool works on any inline, inline-block or block elements. Slidrs can contain any HTML content, with no restrictions. It’s been tested and works on Chrome 26+, Firefox 20+, Safari 5.1.7+, Opera 16+ and Internet Explorer 10+.

Slidr controls work in a number of ways — cube, linear, fade, none, controls and breadcrumbs. You can add as many Slidrs as your want to any design and even stack them for even more dynamic effects.

This tool works with mouse, keyboard and touch navigation for ease of use across multiple device types.

When it comes to the code, there are a lot of options for making Slidr your own. You’ll want to digest the documentation to best configure this tool for your design and your users. The level of customization available is pretty expansive, which gives you a lot of control over the design.

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The last carousel you’ll ever need.



A simple slider with transitions controlled by CSS3.



A slideshow featuring a blinds effect transitioning between a list of images.



A cool responsive plugin that lets you flick through content.