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Snazzy Info Window: Customizable info windows using the Google Maps JavaScript API

Snazzy Info Window is a plugin for customizable info windows using the Google Maps JavaScript API. This plugin was built to allow for easier styling of info windows using the Google Maps JavaScript API. It supports dynamic content, responsive sizing, and custom styling using SCSS. You can also have it show up above, below, right or left of the marker. If you are building custom maps for your site, this plugin is a must.

X Data Binding in Real Time

If you are looking for a lightweight jQuery plugin for complex two-way data binding in real time, might be the perfect solution.

Here’s how it works: The tool mutates the object given as a data source, reflecting interactions between the user and the interface. Data bindings, facade appearance and CSS styling of an app are all defined using single manifest, which is standard javascript object. Manifests are JSONable.

Here are a few more features:

  • recognizes standard HTML controls and complex composites created using rich UI plugins. Controls built with jQuery UI, Select2, CodeMirror, Ace, Redactor, CLeditor, jQuery Mobile are supported out of the box.
  • provides comprehensive validation, conditional formatting, complex dependencies, runtime form structure manipulation. $.my forms can run nested, each instance can be a composite control for parent form.
  • Syntax of $.my manifest is very simple, lean and unobtrusive. There exist specialized in-browser IDE for $.my apps authoring. This IDE is a built-in component of system.

The result is a fully interactive set of tools, tables, curves and layouts that can work in a variety of applications. Check out the demo to see how it can work for you.




Embed Google Maps in your site using just HTML5 code.



List and show nearby places around a certain position using Google Maps.

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Embed Google Maps,  create markers & control menus for  points on the map.

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Interactive maps using well known CSS sprites and jQuery.

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Simple & lightweight framework for creating beautiful, interactive vector maps.



jHere offers a simple but powerful map API with jQuery



A jQuery plugin that renders Vector Maps.  It uses resizable Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for modern browsers.


RWD Image Maps

Allows image maps to be used in a responsive design by recalculating the area coordinates to match the actual image size on load.


Map Marker

This plugin makes it easy to put multiple markers on Map using Google Map API V3.



Whether you just want to display a map on a wep page as quickly as possible or you are a more advanced GIS user, jQuery Geo can help!


Gmap II

A jQueryplugin embedding Google maps into your website.