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Dense: Device Specific Pixel Ratio aware Images

Dense is a jQuery plugin that offers an easy way to serve device-specific pixel ratio aware images, adding retina support to your website.

The plugin is tiny, installs with Bowser and requires jQuery 1.7+ or Zepto.

Here’s how it works: The responsive, retina-ready image is implemented by simply including the jQuery plugin on the page and calling its $.fn.dense() initializer method. The initializer method is set to target those img elements that should serve retina-ready images when needed. The plugin can be included and invoked by using either browser globals or AMD.

You can use Dense with the default configuration to target all the images on your website or you can manually select which images to apply the plugin to.

Dense works on all modern web browsers and can display retina-ready images on any supporting device.

Dense is a fairly complex plugin when it comes to function and options. It is designed for developer installation, although almost anyone can use it with the default settings without a lot of trouble.