Rebox: Responsive and Mobile Friendly Lightbox Plugin

This simple, image-free, responsive and mobile-friendly lightbox plugin helps keep your library clean and simple.

Instead of using a ridiculous amount of Javascript to restrict image sizes within the window, Rebox uses CSS max-width. The design requires no images, although if you want to reskin it you like.

Use and installation is easy; just include the code with Zepto or jQuery for a basic build. (Make sure to include the touch module if you want the lightbox to work with swipe gestures.)

The plugin has a few different lightbox configurations and will allow for single initialization with a one lightbox on each image, gallery-style or the addition of images to “empty” container elements. This lightbox plugin works with a variety of content types and will allow you to highlight images, videos, illustration or pretty much anything you like using specific template types.

Rebox comes with plenty of options that you can control as well with a little tinkering in the code.