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MediumLightbox: Zooming functionality for images

Nice and elegant way to add zooming functionality for images, inspired by medium.com

This plugin reproduce exactly the same code that use Medium to add the smooth transition effect clicking over the images, with some improvement.

Key features

Written in pure javascript for better performance, lightweight and simple.


Illustration by akselkreis

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Luminous: A no-dependencies JavaScript lightbox

Luminous is a simple, lightweight, no-dependencies JavaScript lightbox. Out of the box the styling is very basic, so you will want to style it to your needs. They do provide a basic theme to get you started.

It supports the latest version of Google Chrome and the current and previous major releases of desktop Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari on a rolling basis. Mobile support is tested on the most recent minor version of the current and previous major release for the default browser on iOS and Android (e.g., iOS 9.2 and 8.4).

Illustration by minnix


jQuery Lightgallery: Lightbox Gallery Plugin

jQuery Lightgallery is a customizable, modular lightbox gallery plugin. The fully responsive tool helps you make the most of images for almost any type of website design.

The key features of jQuery light gallery include responsive design, touch and drag navigation, animated thumbnail options, plenty of customization options and support for video from YouTube and Vimeo. The tool is also designed as modules – thumbnail, full screen, zoom, etc – to make it easy for you to create exactly what you want. Plus, you can add your own modules and detach elements that you don’t need.

The plugin also comes with more than 20 animations built in, and each one uses CSS3 transitions for super-fast performance. Finally, the tool includes a dynamic mode that can be instantiated and launched programmatically by setting dynamic option to true and populating dynamicEl option by passing array of objects representing the gallery elements.

jQuery Lightgallery is available on GitHub and you can find plenty of examples of its usage in the detailed documentation.

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Evolution: jQuery Lightbox

Lightbox Evolution is a tool for displaying images, HTML content, maps, and videos in a lightbox style container that floats on top of a webpage. Using Lightbox Evolution, website authors can showcase a wide assortment of media in all major browsers without navigating users away from the linking page.

You can use this tool to showcase content in a way that is different, user-friendly and does not take visitors away from your website to view content from other locations.

You can used colored boxes — and customize the options — images or combinations of the two. There are plenty of mix-and-match options available with this tool to help you make the most of your content.

This tool is available for $14 from Envato Market and includes future updates.

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Chocolat.js: Free jQuery Lightbox Plugin

Chocolat is a responsive jQuery lightbox plugin that allows you to display one or more images on the screen at a time. You can group images as a series of photos as a link or use thumbnails in a full-page or block-style design.

The plugin is powerful and designed in a way that newbie-users or the most experienced programmers can appreciate. It comes with an API and multiple CSS classes. Chocolat is also cross-browser compatible and works with pretty much everything, even Internet Explorer 7.

To make things even sweeter, Chocolat is tiny — just 23 kb and only 10 kb when minified. And it is responsive, as you would expect, so it works on any device and allows you to create custom breakpoints as well.

Other plugin features include:

  • Block, full-screen and full-window views
  • Cropping or parent block styles for images
  • Loop playing to restart the flow once the last image shows
  • Keyboard navigation and assignment of shortcut keys

And you can do it all with just three files — jQuery library, plugin file and CSS file — in an easy set up.

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Strip: jQuery Responsive Lightbox

This plugin is a less intrusive responsive lightbox because Strip only partially covers the page. This makes it less intrusive and leaves room to interact with the page on larger screens while giving smaller mobile device screens a more classic lightbox experience.

Strip uses jQuery and works on all major browsers.

What’s nice about the Strip lightbox is that it is compatible with common image and video APIs, such as YouTube and Vimeo. The plugin automatically detects the included media type based on URL, making it easy for you to create a lightbox with varying images and videos.

Strip is also fully customizable with a variety of existing skins that come with the download. Users can install with the default skin or create website-specific looks using custom options.

The width and height of the plugin can also be adjusted to fit different size media and impact how animation and transitions display. The plugin has options for placement as well with top, bottom, left- and right-side options.

Strip is easy to install. Just add the class to a link, add using a data attribute or custom options attribute. Another alternative is to use an API that allows Strip to be used with Javascript.


Rebox: Responsive and Mobile Friendly Lightbox Plugin

This simple, image-free, responsive and mobile-friendly lightbox plugin helps keep your library clean and simple.

Instead of using a ridiculous amount of Javascript to restrict image sizes within the window, Rebox uses CSS max-width. The design requires no images, although if you want to reskin it you like.

Use and installation is easy; just include the code with Zepto or jQuery for a basic build. (Make sure to include the touch module if you want the lightbox to work with swipe gestures.)

The plugin has a few different lightbox configurations and will allow for single initialization with a one lightbox on each image, gallery-style or the addition of images to “empty” container elements. This lightbox plugin works with a variety of content types and will allow you to highlight images, videos, illustration or pretty much anything you like using specific template types.

Rebox comes with plenty of options that you can control as well with a little tinkering in the code.


jBox: Manage the Popup Windows

This nifty little plugin helps manage your popup windows, including tool tips, notices and more. jBox is packed with powerful options and a few surprises for anyone that might want to use an online notification.

There are eight tool tip options — from basic tool tips to no-close options to color and style choices to click and scroll features.

There are four modal window tools — basic, draggable, ajax and submit. Plus, four notice tools with positioning at the top or bottom of the screen and visual options such as color.

The final style for jBox includes to image gallery formats.

This plugin is ready to go and easy to use right from the install. It’s optimized for retina screens, will work in any environment including IE 8+ and is lightweight, at only 19kb.

The only thing left to do is get started with jBox and all the customizations you can make for notification and popup windows for your website design.



Flat, responsive, modal plugin with declarative state notation and # tracking.


Image Lightbox

Full featured, responsive and touch-friendly lightbox

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Recreating and improving Medium’s default lightbox module.



Simple responsive lightbox plugin: preserves image height if taller than window.