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PrettyEmbed: Embed YouTube Stream Into Website

PrettyEmbed is the only tool you’ll ever need to embed your YouTube stream into your website. And it does it all while cleaning up the video so the preview looks nice on the screen. The result is a still frame from the video with a play button but none of the other “junk” that can show with YouTube embeds, such as titles and other icons.

The plugin fetches the highest resolution preview image available for maximum impact on all screens, allows for advanced customization options and optional FitVides support.

Use of PrettyEmbed requires jQuery and waitForImages installation. It can be installed using an HTML5 driven method or a script driven method.

The plugin is packed with options once you finish installation, so that videos preview in just the manner you like. Set the size of the preview, custom URL, what information to show or hide on the preview, whether the video should play or loop, display of closed captions (or not), allowance of full-screen mode, color options and more.

PrettyEmbed really does a great job of making your embedded video previews match the aesthetics of your website framework for a more polished design.