Pagination shortcuts: Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

Pagination shortcuts is a lightweight plugin that enables keyboard shortcuts for moving through pages without having to click through with a mouse. (It’s the same concept as using the keyboard for any other quick bits of functionality.)

The plugin works by using a callback function code that detects whether the left or right keyboard arrow is pressed to advance or go back between pages on a website. It then selects a corresponding pagination link and triggers a click event for it.

These events follow common UI patterns for pagination:

  • Numbered links
  • Previous page and next page links
  • First page and last page links

You can install this plugin with or without dependencies, depending on your preference. Either option results in a small file size that will not bog down load times on your site.

You have some custom options available with Pagination shortcuts such as the ability to change numbered elements, previous and last selectors, intervals between button clicks and some keystroke functions. (You can keep the plugin even lighter by only entering values for the type of pagination you plan to use.)

This plugin is compatible with all modern browsers including IE 6+.



Simple library for handling keyboard shortcuts in Javascript.



Lets you to bind, fire and assert key combination strings against elements and events.