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Codepad: Organize and Share Code Snippets

Codepad is a place for developers to save & share code snippets. Join the community we can’t wait to let you in!

Save snippets online at Codepad making them easily accessible and all in one place. Become a Codepad member you get a sweet user profile where you can add a bit about yourself. There are various stats available we count snippet views, likes, downloads, comments, the list goes on.

When saving any snippet you have the option to make it public, part private or private. With your snippets saved online you can access your code snippets anywhere. Liking a snippet will keep a reference in your dashboard making it easy to find later.


Unibox: jQuery Plugin for Search Box with Suggestions

Unibox includes what every user wants when it comes to website search — a universal search box with search suggestion. By using this common visual, you will make it easy for users when they are looking for something on your website. (Essentially it works a lot like Google’s intuitive search.)

Installation is fairly easy but does require following the instructions, especially is you want suggestions to work properly. For suggestions:

  • The unibox.min.js and unibox.min.css need to be included and configured on the page.
  • The server needs to give search suggest data for the plugin to show.




A simple, customizable plugin for live search.



Lets you perform direct searches with no input fields. With Barcode scanner support.



jQuery Plugin for On-demand Search Box.


Twitter Like Search

Displays twitter like search results with jQuery and Ajax.



A jQuery plugin for searching through tables, lists, etc quickly