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Fort: jQuery Progress Bar for Form Completion

Fort is a modern progress bar for form completion. Just add the form and the Fort.js algorithm will take care of the rest. What makes this tool even better is that it’s super small and won’t bog down your website.

the progress bar design is simple, subtle and nifty. The default settings are for a fairly small bar, but you can increase the size to your liking for a more pronounced progress bar.

Using this tool couldn’t be easier. Insert fort.min.js and fort.min.css into the <head> then pop in an <input> into <div class="form">. Anything outside of the <div> won’t count. Then call the effect. That’s it!

The types of effects included in Fort include a solid default, gradient, sections, slash and merge. You can change the colors and and each of the color settings work together.

Fort works will all modern browsers including Safari 7+, Opera 21+, Firefox 29+, Chrome 34+ and Internet Explorer 8+.