Evol.ColorPicker: Web Color Picker

This web color picker works very much like the color tools in Microsoft Office 2010 for a UI widget that is intuitive. The Evol.ColorPicker plugin works inline or as a popup bound to a text box.

The plugin comes ready to go with a few preset color themes including light, dark, redmond, sunny and le-frog.

When displayed, the tool shows as a box containing theme and standard colors, allowing a click to choose each color selection. Each clicked color also displays its value for even more ease of use. The tool also includes a honeycomb-style color picker that displays varying hues and color values.

Evol.ColorPicker requires a jQuery UI theme to be present and the included base CSS file. Add the proper tagging, and the widget is ready to use.

It also comes with a few customization options such as the default color value, default color palette, type of display indicator, history, hide and show options and transparency. The plugin works with modern browsers and has been tested with Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 9+, Chrome 21+ and Safari 5+.

This nifty little tool is nice because of its intuitive nature; it looks like something most users are already comfortable using.


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