multiScroll: Vertical Scrolling Layouts

Create divided multi-scrolling pages with two vertical scrolling layouts using multiScroll. The end result is a trendy multi-scrolling effect that works in the idea of parallax movements.

And it’s easy to use. You only have to add a few lines of code to your markup to make this multi-column scroll tool work.

Options included with this plugin include orientation and alignment, scrolling speed and color. You can also select different anchor points, easing, looping, padding, keyboard/mouse/touch sensitivity and menu options.

This plugin is designed to work in pretty much any environment — desktop, tablet or mobile — and works on modern browsers including some older ones such as Internet Explorer 8 and Opera 12. It works with and without CSS3 support.

There are a few sites using this plugin so you can see it in action (see the documentation for details) and the developer is open to working with you on customizations for a fee, if there is something more you want this tool to do specifically for your site. (Changes and other suggestions for improvement are also welcomed.)