Brick Work: Create Dynamic Layouts

Brick Work is a responsive jQuery plugin that can be used to create dynamic layouts. The goal of the tool is to create the best and most customizable layout options available and is designed to be easy for developers to use.

The plugin works with most all modern browsers including Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE 8+ and Firefox. The code is fairly lightweight at only 15kb.

The flexible grid options are robust and provide plenty of tools for creating a variety of layout styles. The plugin includes the following options and more:

  • Animation
  • Append
  • Centering
  • Direction
  • Draggable
  • Filter
  • Fit Height
  • Fit Zone
  • Fit Position
  • Fix Size
  • Flex Grid
  • Grid Layout
  • Gutter Auto
  • Hide Block
  • Image Layout
  • Multiple Instances
  • Nested Grid
  • Pinterest
  • Prepand
  • Render

Mix and match the tools to create a site that is truly yours and can be customized in more ways that you can imagine with just one little tool. All you have to do to use Brick Work is download the JavaScript file, source and go.