LetterFx: Animated Visual Effects to Text

This plugin allows you to apply animated visual effects to text, including individual letters, words or custom patterns. The jQuery plugin is simple and light.

LetterFx works by temporarily injecting markup into the text of an element and sequentially adding and removing transition-based CSS classes. This is a developer-level plugin and should be used by those who feel comfortable altering CSS classes only.

The resulting animations created with the plugin are simple but quite impressive. Use this tool to help add emphasis to certain text in the design.

Options for text animation include backward or forward motion, timing changes, duration of the animation, starts and stops, sorting, patterns, letter replacements and selection of text elements.

Unique effects included in this plugin include spin, fad, grow, smear, fall, swirl, wave, fly top, fly bottom, fly left and fly right. What’s especially nice about each animation style with LetterFx is that movement is simple, consistent and unobtrusive. Take a close look at each animation demo to see exactly how each moving letter or word style works.

One more bonus with LetterFx is that the code is designed so that you can even create your own custom animation with the plugin, using the provided actions or something you come up with on your own. (Have fun!)