Offcanvas: ARIA Accessible Offcanvas jQuery plugin

If you are looking for a navigation drawer that is accessible to those with disabilities then look no further. Offcanvas jQuery plugin & CSS3 based off-canvas navigation that uses JavaScript to dynamically add WAI-ARIA roles to make your site navigation more accessible. Here are some of the many features in this well crafted plugin:

  • ARIA Design pattern for Dialogs
  • The tab key loops through all of the keyboard focusable items within the offcanvas.
  • You can close it using Esc.
  • Buttons Open/Close with Space & Enter
  • BEM Syntax
  • Package managers Bower & NPM

  • Vanilla

Slinky: Responsive mobile-like menu plugin

A light-weight, responsive, mobile-like menu plugin.

It’s an update to a previously submitted plugin; http://www.unheap.com/navigation/horizontal-tabbed/sliding-menu/

Illustration by akselkreis

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SecretNav: Nav menu revealed with 3d effects

SecretNav is a small jQuery push menu plugin that slides out an off-canvas navigation from the edge of the screen while pushing the main content away with a fancy CSS3 powered 3D perspective effect.

The plugin requires jQuery 1.7 or higher, and Modernizr.

SecretMenu Demo

Illustration by minnix


Shifter: jQuery plugin for Responsive Navigation

This plugin provides simple slide-out mobile navigation that’s fully responsive. The little plugin comes packed with options for basic, breakpoint or off-canvas navigation in multiple styles.

With each type of navigation, there are plenty of styling possibilities as well, so you really can make this plugin look like part of your overall design. All of the options are outlined in the documentation and include elements such as custom class, push or overlay navigation, closed and open state text, auto-width displays and type of navigation.

With a little CSS knowledge, this plugin is relatively easy to install, configure and use. All of the CSS element types and descriptions are included with easy to understand descriptions.

Shifter includes almost any type of slide-out navigation that you might want for a variety of mobile projects. And because it is customizable, you can get a lot of use from this lightweight little plugin.



A speedy, flexible framework for off-canvas flyout panels.

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Push Menu

Multi-level push menu allows endless nesting of navigation elements.



Collapses ul menus into selects on responsive layouts.



A teeny tiny plugin for creating off-screen slide panel navigation.



Create responsive navigation with support for multi-level menus.



Transforms navigation menus from a list to a select menu when resizing your browser.

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Responsive and touch-friendly dropdown navigation.